The four videos listed below are from the list of videos that are part of the Elementary Statistics course and are avalilble for free. Check them out and then head to the Course Catalog to make your purchase.

This sample video will describe in detail how to build a Frequency Table and the resulting Histogram. Starting with calculating the Class Boundaries, the Frequency, Relative Frequency, Cumulative Frequency and Relative Cumulative Frequency.

This video will describe the relationship between the Population Distribution and the Sample Distribution and demonstrates the value of sample size when estimating the Mean of the Population.

In this video the basic approach in calculating Probabilities is introduced. It is these concepts that are used later when determining Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing.

In this video the Binomial Distribution is introduced from the basic concepts. The Binomial Distribution is the basis of the Proportional Distribution which is what an opinion or election survey is.

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