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Why I started this website- Tuesday, October 01, 2013

After retiring from a career in engineering, I landed a teaching job at our local community college, and found it quite rewarding. My engineering career left me quite computer literate, so I decided to put it to use. There is no shortage of math website or tutorial website that tutor student various subjects in mathematics. So why does the world need another one?

I did some searching of the internet to look for a site that demonstrated the math concept in an animated way. I found none. There are many sites containing videos which are simply recordings of a teacher standing in front of a whiteboard giving a lecture. What was needed, I felt, was to incorporate the capabilities of technology and create animated presentations that show which parameters are in play and how they affect the concept.

In a conventional lecture, a teacher will develop an equation and usually draw freehand on the board a rough sketch of the function represented by the equation. I felt that the technology could be exploited much more exquisitely.

Let’s take a simple example of the equation of a line. With the slope and y-intercept any teacher can sketch the line freehand on the board and explain how the slope and y-intercept influence its position on the graph.

Now imagine using a math software package to display the line on a graph, and right next to it the equation of the line.  By controlling the slope of the line it can be immediately displayed on the graph, and almost as immediately, the students see the relationship of the slope to the graph of the line. The same is true with the y-intercept.

The collection of videos on this website was made using MS Excel and Camtasia screen capture software. They currently only include topics in Elementary Statistics. I have big plans. I’ve found many of the topics in Elementary Statistics are made much easier to understand while watching a video that explains each parameter and its influence on the graph. Even a topic like hypothesis testing, which is counter intuitive, can be made very clear.

Now that we are open for business in earnest, feel free to check out the videos and leave us a comment

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