Here's How to Make Learning Statistics Easier and Quicker

Try This Totally Unique Way of Learning Statistics

Here are Some of the Benefits of Our Statistics Course:

Concepts are Illustrated Graphically Which Makes Learning Easier - The animated graphs makes it easier to understand the concept because it shows how the concept is developed and you can actually see how it works.

On-The-Go Quick Learning - Watch the statistics videos one concept at a time anywhere you have a free 10 minutes and all you need is an internet connection on your computer, tablet or mobil device.

One Concept at a Time - Our statistics course is divided into a series of videos. Each describes one concept and is about 10 minutes or less in length, which makes learning handy and convenient.

Step-By-Step Explanation of Each Concept - Each topic discussed is visually illustrated and thoroughly explained from the basic idea to the broad overall concept which makes it easier to understand.

Top Quality Videos - The explanations in these videos are superior to recorded lectures of professors teaching in a classroom setting.

Unlimited Access - These videos are available 24/7.

FREE 7 Day Trial - Register for a free trial of our entire statistics course.

  • Frequency Table Histogram Frequency Table Histogram
    Video shows you how to build the Frequency Table and plot the Histogram and Cumulative Frequency
  • Central Limit Theorem Central Limit Theorem
    Video describes the relationship between the Population Parameters and Sample Statistics
  • Probability of Simple Events Probability of Simple Events
    Video describes the classical approach to determining the Probability of Simple Events
  • Binomial Distribution Part One Binomial Distribution Part One
    Video explains the basis for the Distribution of Binomial Trials
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